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1.  What airline(s) serve Williamsport Regional Airport?
American Airlines serves the Williamsport Regional Airport.  If you need to contact American Airlines for clarification of any airline related issue from this FAQ list, please call 570.368-2416 or 570.368-2417; or 1-800.433-7300; or    
2.  How early should I get to the Airport?
We suggest that you show up at least 90 minutes before your departure time.  Airline check in, including baggage check in, is prohibited at 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure.  Remember you need to park, check-in at the airline counter and then proceed through the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) security check point. "The aircraft Boarding Door closes at 10 minutes prior to departure."
3.  What do the airlines require for arrival at the Airport for a flight?        
 According to the airlines' Contracts of Carriage, passengers departing from United States airports must complete the purchase of an airline ticket, check-in, obtain a Boarding Pass, and complete baggage check-in (if needed) no less than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.  Also, you must be at your boarding gate (with TSA security completed) at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.  The airline has the right to cancel your reservation, deny boarding and/or refuse the acceptance of checked baggage of any passenger who fails to present himself/herself within the applicable check-in time limit for passengers and/or baggage.  It is your responsibility to arrive at the Airport with enough time to complete all ticketing, baggage check and security procedures so you can arrive at the gate ready to board.  
4.  What are the Airport Terminal's hours of operation?
For current American Airlines hours of operation at Williamsport, visit (sequence:  "Travel Info", "At the Airport", "Airports", then "IPT")  The Terminal building, located at 700 Airport Road, Montoursville, PA is open from approximately 2 and a half hours before the first scheduled departure until 1 hour after the last arrival, 7 days a week.
5.  Do I have to wait until I get to the Airport to get a Boarding Pass? 
No.   You can print out Boarding Passes 24 hours before your flight time, on American Airlines web site: www.aa.comAlso, there are Kiosks available at the Airport for self-service check in.
6.  What time does the TSA Security  open?
The TSA Security Checkpoint at Williamsport Regional Airport opens 1 1/2 hours before scheduled departure time.
7.  What is prohibited in my carry-on luggage?  Checked baggage?
Click on the Traveler's Info banner and then click on TSA's sub-banner "Prohibited Items" for a list.  
8.  How many carry items am I allowed?
Please limit your carry-on items to one carry-on bag plus one personal item, such as a laptop computer, handbag, purse, briefcase or camera case.  Check with American Airlines for size restrictions and other rules.
9.  What are the size limitations on carry-on bags?
Different airlines have different rules  and guidelines for carry-on baggage.  Contact American Airlines directly for carry-on dimensions.
10.  How many bags can I check and what are the weight limits?
Each airline has different rules and guidelines for checked baggage.  Williamsport passengers should check directly with American Airlines directly regarding baggage questions.
11.  Where do I go for lost or damaged baggage.
Check with your airline directly regarding lost or damaged luggage.
12.  Can I drop off or pick up a passenger for a flight in front of the Terminal Building?
You may drop off or pick up passengers at the Terminal curbside as long as the driver remains with the vehicle at all times. The vehicle may not be unattended while in the designated loading and unloading areas.
13.  Where can I get a Taxi?
Taxi service in the Williamsport area is provided by Billtown Cab Company.  They can be reached 24/7 at 570.322-2222.  They are a long established company and provide good service.   
14.  How do I request a wheel chair or other assistance for an elderly or disabled passenger or for a child traveling alone?
Please contact American Airlines for the person who is traveling to or from Williamsport prior to your travel date to make arrangements for assistance.
15.  Is there a lost and found office at Williamsport Regional Airport?
For Lost and Found inquires, contact our Director of Operations at (570) 368-2444, ext. 201, or our
Administrative Office at (570) 368-2444 
16.  Can I smoke inside the Terminal Building?
Smoking is not allowed in the Terminal.  Smoking is permitted curbside of the terminal building.
17.  Where can I get information concerning traveling with a pet?
Check with American Airlines for specific information about prices, shipping requirements and restrictions for all pets and live animals.
18. Does the Airport offer internet access?
Free W-Fi  Internet access is available throughout the Terminal Building.   
19.  How can I advertise my company in the Williamsport Regional Airport Terminal Building?
Contact our Director of Operations at 570.368-2444 ext. 201 or   


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