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ADA Services

In order to assist passengers with special accessibility needs when traveling through the Williamsport Regional Airport, we have provided several items and procedures to help.  
Please note that accessibility, in this context, is defined as an issue or item that conforms to State and Federal codes.
For people using wheelchairs, as well as other disabled travelers, the Airport has provided curbside loading/unloading with specially designed curb cuts for access to the Terminal's  main entrances.  Additionally, automatic doors make movement throughout the Terminal easier.  The baggage check-in at the American Airlines counter and the post-flight baggage claim area are easily accessible for wheelchair bound individuals.  An accessible drinking fountain is available in the main lobby area and the passenger holding area.   Accessible restrooms are located in the main lobby and the passenger holding area.  
For wheelchair travelers, please call the Airline prior to your flight day and make your circumstances  known so they can be ready to assist you when you arrive at the Airport.  American Airlines has  a Passenger Access Lift for assisting level loading of wheelchair travelers into the aircraft.   
Depending on the level of disability, special needs passengers may want to advise the airline of their situation also.  Please remember it is important to discuss this with the airline agents prior to arriving at the airport for your flight.  Please contact (570) 368-2416 for further information. 


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